Issue 3, 2010

A Science in Crisis?

Guus Dix & Pim Klaassen


Guus Dix

Guus Dix studied philosophy and sociology at the University of Amsterdam. As a lecturer and PhD candidate he is currently teaching courses in the philosophy of (social) science. He started a PhD-project on the intricate relationship between economic science and market-oriented policy in the Netherlands. First results of his research can be found in an article on the market for job placement services, ‘Interveniërende voorwaarden’ in Beleid en Maatschappij.

Pim Klaassen

Pim Klaassen studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science at the University of Cambridge. His interests go out to issues on the borderline of science and society. At present he works as a lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam. There he works on the rise of the neurosciences, focusing on the inter- or multidisciplinary project of neuroeconomics this has brought forth, and the various issues of demarcation that have sprung up with it.