Issue 2, 1983

Michel Foucault, David Cooper, Jean-Pierre Faye, Marie Faye, Marine Zecca, Monique Plaza, Karen Vintges, Ido Weijers, Grahame Lock, Peter van den Besselaar, Veit Bader & Marie Faye


Michel Foucault

David Cooper

Jean-Pierre Faye

Marie Faye

Marine Zecca

Monique Plaza

Karen Vintges

Ido Weijers

Grahame Lock

Peter van den Besselaar

Veit Bader

Veit Bader is a professsor of sociology (department of political and sociocultural sciences) and of social and political philosophy (department of philosophy) at the University of Amsterdam. His main research areas are: theories of societies, social movements and collective action; theories of modern capitalisms; ethics of migration and incorporation; citizenship and associative democracy. Most important books: Inequalities (1989) Leske + Budrich (together with Albert Benschop); Collective Action (1981) Leske + Budrich; Racism, Ethnicity, Citizenship (1995) Westfälisches Dampfboot, Münster. Associative Democracy: The Real Third Way (2001). London/Portland: Frank Cass (together with Paul Hirst). Secularism or Democracy? Associational Governance of Religious Diversity. Amsterdam UP, June 2007.

Marie Faye