Issue 2, 2016

Brunkhorst Dossier

René Gabriëls, Lieke van der Veer, Jess Bier, François Levrau, Tannelie Blom, Darryl Cressman, J. Matthew Hoye, Sjaak Koenis, Pieter Pekelharing, Willem Schinkel, Ludek Stavinoha, Hauke Brunkhorst, David Hollanders & Frieder Vogelmann

This issue of Krisis discusses the critical theory of Hauke Brunkhorst. The focus is on two of his recent books: Critical Theory of Legal Revolutions and Das Doppelte Gesicht Europas. An introduction to the work of Brunkhorst is followed by critical contributions on both books by Tannelie Blom, Darryl Cressman, René Gabriëls , Matthew Hoye, Sjaak Koenis, Pieter Pekelharing,  Willem Schinkel and Ludek Stavinoha. Finally, this dossier finds its closure with Brunkhorst’s reply to his critics.    

In addition, this issue contains three articles. Lieke van der Veer analyses and evaluates forms of border-crossing and residency that are considered problematic. Jess Bier explores the documentary histories of Caribbean pirates and François Levrau intervenes in the ongoing debate about multiculturalism. Further, David Hollanders reviews David Graeber’s  The Utopia of Rules (2015) and Frieder Vogelmann reviews Daniel Zamora’s Critiquer Foucault (2014) as well as Mitchell Dean’s and Kaspar Villadsen’s State Phobia and Civil Society (2016).

Krisis is redesigned and equipped with a new website. However, with regard to the content nothing changed.  Krisis stays a platform for discussions in contemporary social, political and cultural thought, it seeks to make the work of classic authors relevant to current social and cultural problems, and upholds its function as a forum for current critical thought on public affairs.

Artwork by Frans Franssen – alkyd on wood- 43x19x18 cm, 2016. 


René Gabriëls

René Gabriëls is editor of Krisis and works at Maastricht University

Lieke van der Veer

Lieke van der Veer holds a graduate honours degree in Conflict Resolution and Governance and an undergraduate honours degree in Philosophy, both from the University of Amsterdam. She conducted research on the penalization of illegal residence, focusing on the performativity of administrative categorizations, institutional responsibilities and political speech. As a research assistant, she consulted with several NGOs, legal experts and researchers on the topic of non-returnable asylum seekers. Currently she works on her master thesis in Philosophy, on refugee-support and protest on the ground.

Jess Bier

Jess Bier is assistant professor of urban sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she conducts research for the Visualizing Capital subproject of the ERC-funded Monitoring Modernity group with Willem Schinkel. Her book, Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine: Occupied Landscapes of International Technoscience is forthcoming from MIT Press. Overall her work analyzes the geographies of knowledge.

François Levrau

François Levrau studeerde Klinische Psychologie, Moraalfilosofie en is Doctor in de Sociale Wetenschappen.

Tannelie Blom

Tannelie Blom studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Initially specializing in political philosophy and philosophy of the social sciences he established a reputation as an expert in system theory and system theoretical sociology. During the nineties he developed an interest in the politics and theory of European integration, a subject that became his main field of academic research. He is one of the founding fathers of the European Studies program at the FASoS, currently comprising a bachelor program and three Master programs.

Darryl Cressman

Darryl Cressman is an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at Maastricht University. He has published research on Herbert Marcuse's philosophy of technology, the history of Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, and Harold Innis's philosophy of media.

J. Matthew Hoye

J. Matthew Hoye is a lecturer in practical philosophy at Maastricht University.

Sjaak Koenis

Sjaak Koenis is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University since 2002. He held a special chair on Social Philosophy at Maastricht University between 2011 and 2016. He published (in Dutch) on the Frankfurt School, on liberalism and communitarianism in Dutch politics and on the role of culture in Dutch politics (Voices of the People; pluralism in Dutch Politics (1994-2014), Amsterdam, VU University Press). This fall his (Dutch) book an democracy and resentment will be published by Van Gennep Amsterdam.

Pieter Pekelharing

Pieter Pekelharing used to teach at the University of Amsterdam. He has just retired. With two co-authors he recently published a book on the power of the megacorporation, De macht van de megaonderneming, Van Gennep, 2016, which is currently being translated into Spanish and Portuguese. An English translation is in the making. His current interests are focused on the politics of higher education and the relationship between science and democracy. He is also working on a publication of his lectures on the history of philosophy.

Willem Schinkel

Willem Schinkel is Professor of Social Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam and vice-chair of The Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Ludek Stavinoha

Ludek Stavinoha is Lecturer in Media and International Development at the University of East Anglia.

Hauke Brunkhorst

Hauke Brunkhorst is professor of sociology and head of the Institute of Sociology at the University of Flensburg, Germany. As philosopher and sociologist he published many books, including Adorno and Critical Theory (1999), Solidarity: From Civic Frienschip to a Global Legal Community (2005) and Critical Theory of Legal Revolutions (2014).

David Hollanders

David Hollanders (1978) is docent finance aan de Universiteit van Tilburg

Frieder Vogelmann

Frieder Vogelmann is a postdoctoral researcher in political theory at Bremen University. His Ph.D. on the history of responsibility from a critical Foucaultian perspective has been published as Im Bann der Verantwortung (Campus 2014) and is currently being translated in English. His research focusses on Michel Foucault, neoliberalism, political epistemology and the concept of critique.