Issue 3, 2012

Gijs van Oenen, Tamar de Waal, Joost de Bloois, Jacques Rancière, Robin Celikates, Yolande Jansen, Tina Managhan, Tom Grimwood, Martin Lang, Martin Blaakman, Jacquelien Rothfusz & Alejandra Mancilla


Gijs van Oenen

Gijs van Oenen is universitair docent aan de Faculteit der Wijsbegeerte van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en lid van de redactie van Krisis.

Tamar de Waal

Tamar de Waal is a PhD researcher at the Paul Scholten center, University of Amsterdam (UvA). Her research is on the permissibility of current na- turalization and integration law in several European states, from the per- spective of liberal democracy.

Joost de Bloois

Joost de Bloois is assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, department of Literary and Cultural Analysis, and a researcher at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. He has published extensively on the nexus between culture, art and politics.

Jacques Rancière

Robin Celikates

Robin Celikates is Professor of Social Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin and an associate member of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt am Main. He is a member of the Krisis editorial team and commissioning editor at Critical Times.

Yolande Jansen

Yolande Jansen is an Associate Professor at the department of philosophy and the Amsterdam Centre for Globalization Studies of the University of Amsterdam. She is also a Socrates Professor at the VU University, where she holds the chair for 'humanism in relation to religion and secularity'. Her publications include Secularism, Assimilation and the Crisis of Multiculturalism: French Modernist Legacies (Amsterdam University Press/IMISCOE, 2013) and The Irregularization of Migration in contemporary Europe; Detention, Deportation, Drowning (Rowman and Littlefield, co-edited with Robin Celikates and Joost de Bloois, 2015). Areas of research are social and political philosophy, in particular critical theory, pluralism, multiculturalism and democracy; genealogies of secularism, humanism and religion; irregularised migration; Judaism and Islam in Europe; Islam in Europe; and French culture and literature, in particular the work of Marcel Proust. Jansen is the principal investigator of the NWO-project 'Critique of Religion; Framing Jews and Muslims, Islam and Judaism in political theory and public debate' along with co-applicant Thijl Sunier.

Tina Managhan

Tina Managhan is a senior lecturer in International Relations at Oxford Brookes University. She specializes in the areas of critical security studies and identity politics. Her publications to date have variously engaged with the question of how individual and collective social bodies have negoti- ated, embodied and subverted predominant cultural meanings and prac- tices in American and Canadian contexts – with implications for foreign policy practice and protest politics. Still interested in questions broadly pertaining to the security state and possibilities for resistance, her current Tina Managhan – Kettling and the ‘Distribution of the Sensible’ research interests have extended to include contemporary practices of policing in Western liberal democracies.

Tom Grimwood

Tom Grimwood is a Senior Lecturer in Ethics and Cultural Theory at the University of Cumbria. His research focuses on cultural hermeneutics, and in particular the formative role of ambiguity within acts of interpreta- tion. He has applied this to a range of subjects, from the work of irony in Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, to the paradoxes of embodiment in Simone de Beauvoir and Catherine of Siena; in journals such as Angelaki, The Jour- nal for Cultural Research, Feminist Theology and the British Journal for the History of Philosophy.

Martin Lang

Martin Lang is a faculty member in the School of Further Education at the University for the Creative Arts and an Associate Lecturer, in both Fine Art and History & Philosophy of Art, at the University of Kent. He is a practicing artist and has exhibited in the US, Europe and the UK. Recent exhibitions include: The Creekside Open, APT, London (selected by Dex- ter Dalwood); A.R.G. (the Art Regeneration Unit) at Arcadia Missa, Lon- don; and ko-ax Photo, Mascalls Gallery, Kent (selected by Tate curator of photography Simon Baker). His currently research focusses on contem- porary Militant Art and Art Activism. (

Martin Blaakman

Martin Blaakman is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. In his thesis, supervised by Prof Dr (Veit) Bader, he analyses unjust social practices originating in non-discursive prejudices and explores whether, and how, ordinary citizens may have a responsi- bility for overcoming such social practices. Currently he is preparing an article on Robert Brandom’s notion of responsibility as a basis for trans- formative practices.

Jacquelien Rothfusz

acquelien Rothfusz6 is a senior lecturer at the Hanze University of Ap- plied Sciences in Groningen, in the programmes of Applied Psychology and Social Work and is a member of the Labour Participation Research Group. She has published books on professional ethics and integration of immigrants. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen, in the Faculty of Philosophy, Practical Philosophy research group. Her PhD supervisor is Prof. dr. R.W. Boomkens and her second supervisor is dr. L.Polstra. Email:

Alejandra Mancilla

Alejandra Mancilla is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN) at the University of Oslo. Recently gra- duated from the Australian National University, she has published in poli- tical philosophy and applied ethics, especially on Adam Smith, animal rights and environmental ethics. She keeps a blog in Spanish, El ojo par- cial, where she addresses contemporary issues of green politics in Chile and Latin America.