Issue 3, 2011

Matrix Examinatrix: Dispersion and Concentration

Isabell Lorey & Gerald Raunig


Isabell Lorey

Isabell Lorey, political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp), based in Berlin, and member in the editorial board of the book series transversal texts. From October 2018 on she will hold the professorship for Queer Studies at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne. From 2015 – 2018 she was professor for Transnational Gender Politics at the Institute for Political Science, University of Kassel. Last book in English: State of Insecurity. Government of the Precarious, London/New York: Verso 2015. Currently she is writing a book on “Presentist Democracy”.

Gerald Raunig

In and beyond the frameworks of the eipcp-platform transversal texts, the Zurich University of the Arts and other rather unidentifiable milieus, Gerald Raunig tries to focus, if possible, on dividualities and dissemblages, machinic capitalism and molecular revolution, technecologies and subsistential territories.