Issue 2, 2014

Issue 2, 2014

Darryl Cressman, Olivier Surel, Hanneke Stuit, Willemine Willems, Annemarije Hagen, Marijn Hoijtink, Daniel de Zeeuw, Ties van de Werff & Eveline Groot


Darryl Cressman

Darryl Cressman is an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at Maastricht University. He has published research on Herbert Marcuse's philosophy of technology, the history of Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, and Harold Innis's philosophy of media.

Olivier Surel

Olivier Surel is a doctoral researcher at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Sophiapol Laboratory), where he works on critical theory and social ontology in the light of problems in historical and contemporary Spinozism.

Hanneke Stuit

Hanneke Stuit is assistant-professor at the Literary Studies department and affiliated with the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, both at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests revolve around issues of cultural representation (both visual and textual), discourse, ethics, and community formation. Her dissertation (defended February 1, 2013) deals with the Southern African concept of ubuntu and the ways in which it relates to other (predominantly Western) concepts of communality and intersubjective relations. In this context, she analyses the interaction be- tween ubuntu as a concept and cultural expressions, like novels, poetry and photography. She has also written on the representation of ubuntu in the process of truth and reconciliation initiated after the end of apartheid.

Willemine Willems

Willemine Willems is as a PhD student at Maastricht University. Her in- terdisciplinary research focuses on innovative healthcare practices com- bining methodologies from empirical ethics and behavioral economy.

Annemarije Hagen

Annemarije Hagen is a PhD fellow in the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Leuven. She also holds a teaching position at the PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) College of the University of Amsterdam.

Marijn Hoijtink

Marijn Hoijtink is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Her research critically analyses the con- vergence between security and commerce in spaces of everyday life, focus- ing on how industry involvement organizes new security practices and structures of governance that go beyond the public-private divide. Her work has recently been published in Security Dialogue.

Daniel de Zeeuw

Daniel de Zeeuw is a PhD-candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (University of Amsterdam). He is also co-editor of Krisis: Journal for contemporary philosophy and affiliated researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures. His research explores the politics and aesthetics of contemporary digital culture, art and activism.

Ties van de Werff

Ties van de Werff is als promovendus verbonden aan de vakgroep Filosofie van de faculteit Arts & Social Sciences, Universiteit Maastricht. Zijn proefschrift bespreekt hoe het plastische brein waardevol wordt gemaakt in drie praktijken van het goede leven: opvoeding, werk en vrije tijd.

Eveline Groot

Eveline Groot volgde de researchmaster Philosophy aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Haar voornaamste interesses betreffen klassieke wijsbe- geerte, vraagstukken rondom religie en secularisme, en de notie van tran- scendentie. Dit najaar vervolgt ze haar studie in Ancient Philosophy in Edinburgh.