Issue 1, 2016

Krisis, Merijn Oudenampsen, Sina Talachian, Femke Kaulingfreks, Mark Koster, Dennis Schulting, Jappe Groenendijk, Thomas Wells, Ilios Willemars, Eliza Steinbock, Eva Meijer & Beatrijs Haverkamp

The first Krisis of 2016 will be the last issue before the re-launch and redesign of Krisis online. Femke Kaulingfreks opens the issue and analyses street protests, like the one in the Netherlands in reaction to the death of Mitch Hernandez in 2015, as cases of unruly politics. Thomas Wells proposes in his article to ‘exile the rich’ by pointing to how democracy is undermined by unlimited accumulated wealth. Sina Talachian dissects the shifting relationship between universalism and particularism in the work of Karl Marx. In his essay, Merijn Oudenampsen considers the controversial but inescapable role of ‘utopia’ in the Dutch political and intellectual sphere. In addition to articles, this issue Krisis presents a never before published interview with Richard Rorty by Mark Koster en Dennis Schulting, introduced by Jappe Groenendijk. Four reviews of new books of philosophy close this issue. Beatrijs Haverkamp reviews German philosopher Rahel Jaeggi’s Alienation. Eva Meijer read Animal Deliberation by Clemens Driessen. Sarah Ahmed’s latest monograph Wilful Subjects is reviewed by Eliza Steinbock. Finally Ilios Willemars will consider the newly published texts by Michel Foucault in Wrong-doing, truth-telling



Merijn Oudenampsen

Merijn Oudenampsen studied sociology and political science. He is affiliated with the University of Tilburg, where he is engaged with a PhD research project, an intellectual history of the rightward turn in Dutch politics since the emergence of Pim Fortuyn.

Sina Talachian

Sina Talachian is a PhD student in History at Cambridge University. His main interests are 19th and 20th century European intellectual history, philosophy of history and political and social philosophy, in particular of the Marxian, critical theory variety.

Femke Kaulingfreks

Femke Kaulingfreks (1981) received her Masters degree in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and completed her PhD at the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht in 2013. Her dissertation consisted of an interdisciplinary research into the political meaning of public disturbances and urban violence caused by adolescents with an immigrant background from deprived neighborhoods in France and the Netherlands. She currently teaches Political Theory at Webster University in Leiden and works as a researcher in the research group “Diversity and Citizenship” of the The Hague University in Applied Sciences. She has published in Business Ethics: A European Review, Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, the Journal for Humanistics and the Magazine for Resistance Studies. In 2015 a monograph based on her dissertation, entitled “Uncivil Engagement and Unruly Politics”, will be published by Palgrave MacMillan. As a freelance researcher she also cooperated with partners such as Forum: Dutch Institute for Multicultural Issues, Hivos (Dutch organization in development cooperation), the Municipality of Amsterdam, Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (Association of Volunteers Amsterdam) and de Doetank. Besides her teaching and research work Femke regularly organizes youth exchange projects and is engaged in activism related to housing, migration and social justice issues.

Mark Koster

Mark Koster is Amerikanoloog en werkzaam als journalist (o.a. bij Quote, Folia, Intermediair, Het Financieele Dagblad, De Pers, ThePostOnline). Hij was voormalig hoofdredacteur van Nieuwe Revu en is mede-eigenaar van Campus TV. Sinds eind 2014 is hij redactiechef bij het zakenblad Quote.

Dennis Schulting

Dennis Schulting is gepromoveerd filosoof (Warwick, 2004) en voormalig universitair docent wijsbegeerte aan de UvA. Hij publiceert met name op het gebied van Kant en het Duitse idealisme.

Jappe Groenendijk

Jappe Groenendijk doceert kunstfilosofie aan de master Kunsteducatie van de Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten en is oud-redacteur van Krisis.

Thomas Wells

Thomas Wells lectures in ethics and the philosophy of social science at the Institute for Philosophy at Leiden University, and at the University of Witten/Herdecke.

Ilios Willemars

Ilios Willemars volgt de researchmaster Cultural Analysis aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Daarnaast doceert hij aan diezelfde universiteit sociologische theorie. Hij was als werkgroepdocent betrokken de opleiding Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen aan de Universiteit van Utrecht. Momenteel doet Ilios onderzoek naar besmetting van zelfdoding. Belangrijke concepten in dit onderzoek zijn: suïcide, rouw, besmetting, agentschap, verantwoordelijkheid en macht. Hij is te bereiken via of

Eliza Steinbock

Eliza Steinbock is an Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher at Leiden University’s Centre for the Arts in Society. Eliza’s current project “Vital Art: Transgender Portraiture as Visual Activism” examines the worlds created in the visual arts to harbor at risk trans subjects and to critique their discrimination (funded by the Dutch Scientific Organization for Research - NWO). Recent publications on visual culture and transfeminist issues include essays in the Journal of Homosexuality, Photography and Culture, and TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly.

Eva Meijer

Eva Meijer recently defended her PhD-thesis, titled Political Animal Voices, at the University of Amsterdam. She teaches (animal) philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and is the chair of the Dutch study group for Animal Ethics, as well as a founding member of Minding Animals The Netherlands. Recent publications include a book on nonhuman animal languages and the question of what language is, Animal Languages, and a fictional biography of bird scientist Len Howard, Bird Cottage, both of which will be translated into eight languages. More information can be found on her website:

Beatrijs Haverkamp

Beatrijs Haverkamp is a PhD-candidate at Wageningen University, researching questions of social justice in relation to socio-economic health inequalities.