Issue 4, 2007


René Gabriëls & Ruth Sonderegger


René Gabriëls

René Gabriëls is editor of Krisis and works at Maastricht University

Ruth Sonderegger

Ruth Sonderegger is currently Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetic Theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her main fields of research are aesthetics, critical theory, and resistance studies. Among her recent publications are: Art and the Critique of Ideology After 1989 / Kunst und Ideologiekritik nach 1989 (co-edited Eva Birkenstock, Max Jorge Hinderer und Jens Kastner), Bregenz and Cologne 2013; Pierre Bourdieu und Jacques Rancière. Emanzipatorische Praxis denken (co-edited with Jens Kastner), forthcoming 2014.