Issue 1, 2008

Menno Hurenkamp, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Veit Bader, Anton van Harskamp, Anders Berg-Sørensen, Irena Rosenthal, Josef Früchtl, Mieke Bal, Sudeep Dasgupta, Tina Rahimy, Christian van der Veeke & Karin Wenz


Menno Hurenkamp

Menno Hurenkamp (1971) pendelt tussen Moskou en Amsterdam en is reizend politicoloog en journalist.

Jan Willem Duyvendak

Jan Willem Duyvendak is sinds 2003 hoogleraar sociologie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Zijn meest recente boeken zijn European States and Their Muslim Citizens (Cambridge University Press, met John Bowen, Christophe Bertossi, Mona Lena Krook, 2014), en New York and Amsterdam. Immigration and the New Urban Landscape (NYU Press, met Nancy Foner, Jan Rath en Rogier van Reekum, 2014).

Veit Bader

Veit Bader is a professsor of sociology (department of political and sociocultural sciences) and of social and political philosophy (department of philosophy) at the University of Amsterdam. His main research areas are: theories of societies, social movements and collective action; theories of modern capitalisms; ethics of migration and incorporation; citizenship and associative democracy. Most important books: Inequalities (1989) Leske + Budrich (together with Albert Benschop); Collective Action (1981) Leske + Budrich; Racism, Ethnicity, Citizenship (1995) Westfälisches Dampfboot, Münster. Associative Democracy: The Real Third Way (2001). London/Portland: Frank Cass (together with Paul Hirst). Secularism or Democracy? Associational Governance of Religious Diversity. Amsterdam UP, June 2007.

Anton van Harskamp

Anton van Harskamp is staflid van het Blaise Pascal Instituut. Tevens is hij als bijzonder hoogleraar verbonden aan de afdeling Culturele Antropologie van de Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen van de VU.

Anders Berg-Sørensen

Anders Berg-Sørensen is an assistant professor in political theory at the Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus. He has written the doctoral dissertation (Paradiso-Diaspora. Reframing the Question of Religion in Politics) and essays in Danish, Scandinavian and international journals such as Political Theory and Journal of International Affairs on secularism, religion and politics. He is currently doing research on the democratic negotiations of religion and politics in European political thinking and public cultures and he is editing the forthcoming book Contesting Secularism – Comparative Perspectives .

Irena Rosenthal

Irena Rosenthal is assistant professor at the Faculty of Law at the Free University of Amsterdam and editor of Krisis.

Josef Früchtl

Josef Früchtl ( is professor of philosophy with a focus on philosophy of art and culture (Critical Cultural Theory) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He is publishing in the field of aesthetics (with a focus on aesthetics and ethics as well as aesthetics and politics), Critical Theory, theory of Modernity, and philosophy of film. His recent publication is Vertrauen in die Welt. Eine Philosophie des Films (München: Fink 2013), translated as Trust in the World. A Philosophy of Film (New York & London: Routledge 2018).

Mieke Bal

Mieke Bal is a cultural theorist, critic, and video artist. Her interests range from classical and biblical antiquity, 17th century to contemporary art and modern literature, feminism, migratory culture, mental illness, and the critique of capitalism. Her many books include a trilogy on political art: Endless Andness (on abstraction) and Thinking in Film (on video installation), both 2013, Of What One Cannot Speak (2010, on sculpture) and A Mieke Bal Reader (2006). Her most recent video project, Madame B, with Michelle Williams Gamaker, is widely exhibited. She is currently working on a film and installation project, Reasonable Doubt, on the miss-encounter of two 17th century geniuses, René Descartes and Queen Kristina of Sweden. She is also writing a book-length study on Nalini Malani's shadow plays.

Sudeep Dasgupta

Sudeep Dasgupta is Associate Professor in the Department of Media Studies, the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA) and the Amsterdam Centre for Globalization Studies (ACGS) at the University of Amsterdam. His publications focus on the aesthetics and politics of displacement in visual culture, from the disciplinary perspectives of aesthetics, postcolonial and globalization studies, political philosophy, and feminist and queer theory. Book publications include the co-edited volume (with Mireille Rosello) What's Queer about Europe? (New York, Fordham University Press, 2014), and Constellations of the Transnational: Modernity, Culture, Critique (New York and Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2007).

Tina Rahimy

Christian van der Veeke

Christian van der Veeke (1980) is a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He graduated on a critical analysis of Alienation (Heimwee van de filosofie, 2007), which was awarded the National Leo Polak thesis prize 2009, at the University for Humanistics, Utrecht. In his current research, Van der Veeke focuses on contemporary political theories in relation to philosophical critique as a method and democracy as an ideal.

Karin Wenz