Issue 3, 2008

Marc de Wilde, Regina Kreide, Ernst van den Hemel, Thomas Poell, Sudeep Dasgupta, Rogier van Reekum, Bert van den Brink, Jacques Bos & Josef Früchtl


Marc de Wilde

Regina Kreide

Regina Kreide, Ph.D. in political science, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. She was visiting scholar at Columbia University (New York), research assistant in an EU-project, assistant professor at Goethe University and is currently guest professor at the Justus Liebig University Giessen on Political Theory and History of Ideas. Her research interests in the field of normative political theory are on human rights, global justice, equality, and transnational democracy. She is editor of Zeitschrift fur Menschen-rechte/ Journal for Human Rights.

Ernst van den Hemel

Ernst van den Hemel (1981), docent literatuurwetenschap, schreef een proefschrift e n boek over calvinisme, literatuur en politiek, publiceerde meerdere artikelen over het werk van Jacques Rancière en Alain Badiou en werkt momenteel aan een boek over Badiou en kunst.

Thomas Poell

Thomas Poell is assistant professor at the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University

Sudeep Dasgupta

Sudeep Dasgupta is Associate Professor in the Department of Media Studies, the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA) and the Amsterdam Centre for Globalization Studies (ACGS) at the University of Amsterdam. His publications focus on the aesthetics and politics of displacement in visual culture, from the disciplinary perspectives of aesthetics, postcolonial and globalization studies, political philosophy, and feminist and queer theory. Book publications include the co-edited volume (with Mireille Rosello) What's Queer about Europe? (New York, Fordham University Press, 2014), and Constellations of the Transnational: Modernity, Culture, Critique (New York and Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2007).

Rogier van Reekum

Rogier van Reekum is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Sociology of Erasmus University Rotter-dam. He is part of the Monitoring Modernity project (ERC starting grant) supervised by Prof. dr. Willem Schinkel (see: Within the project he is conducting research into the visualisation of irregu-lar migration across Europe. Rogier wrote his dissertation at the AISSR (UvA) on public and political debates over Dutchness (1972-2008) and published on nationalism, place making, citizenship politics, immigration policy and education. He is editor at Sociologie and Krisis, journal for contemporary philosophy.

Bert van den Brink

Bert van den Brink is professor of political and social philosophy and vice- dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. His publications include Recognition and Power. Axel Honneth and the Tradition of Critical Social Thought (co-edited with David Owen, Cambridge UP 2007) and ‘Recognition, Pluralism and the Expectation of Harmony: Against the Ideal of an Ethical Life Free from Pain’, in Danielle Petherbridge (ed.), Axel Honneth: Critical Essays (Brill 2011

Jacques Bos

Jacques Bos studeerde geschiedenis, politieke wetenschappen en wijsbegeerte aan de Universiteit Leiden en promoveerde in 2003 aan dezelfde universiteit. Momenteel doceert hij wetenschapsfilosofie (met de nadruk op filosofie van de geesteswetenschappen) bij de Afdeling Wijsbegeerte van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Daarnaast is hij directeur van het Onderwijsinstituut Wijsbegeerte.

Josef Früchtl

Josef Früchtl ( is professor of philosophy with a focus on philosophy of art and culture (Critical Cultural Theory) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He is publishing in the field of aesthetics (with a focus on aesthetics and ethics as well as aesthetics and politics), Critical Theory, theory of Modernity, and philosophy of film. His recent publication is Vertrauen in die Welt. Eine Philosophie des Films (München: Fink 2013), translated as Trust in the World. A Philosophy of Film (New York & London: Routledge 2018).