Issue 4, 1986

Hanna Lantinga, Marianne Beelaerts, Laurens ten Kate, Karen Vintges, Hannie van Wijk, Niels Helsloot, Frans Geraedts, Pieter Pekelharing, Ruud Meij, Lloyd Narain & Hans Rigter


Hanna Lantinga

Marianne Beelaerts

Laurens ten Kate

Karen Vintges

Hannie van Wijk

Niels Helsloot

Frans Geraedts

Pieter Pekelharing

Pieter Pekelharing used to teach at the University of Amsterdam. He has just retired. With two co-authors he recently published a book on the power of the megacorporation, De macht van de megaonderneming, Van Gennep, 2016, which is currently being translated into Spanish and Portuguese. An English translation is in the making. His current interests are focused on the politics of higher education and the relationship between science and democracy. He is also working on a publication of his lectures on the history of philosophy.

Ruud Meij

Lloyd Narain

Hans Rigter