Issue 3, 2013

Militant Training Camp and the Aesthetics of Civil Disobedience

Tom Grimwood & Martin Lang


Tom Grimwood

Tom Grimwood is a Senior Lecturer in Ethics and Cultural Theory at the University of Cumbria. His research focuses on cultural hermeneutics, and in particular the formative role of ambiguity within acts of interpreta- tion. He has applied this to a range of subjects, from the work of irony in Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, to the paradoxes of embodiment in Simone de Beauvoir and Catherine of Siena; in journals such as Angelaki, The Jour- nal for Cultural Research, Feminist Theology and the British Journal for the History of Philosophy.

Martin Lang

Martin Lang is a faculty member in the School of Further Education at the University for the Creative Arts and an Associate Lecturer, in both Fine Art and History & Philosophy of Art, at the University of Kent. He is a practicing artist and has exhibited in the US, Europe and the UK. Recent exhibitions include: The Creekside Open, APT, London (selected by Dex- ter Dalwood); A.R.G. (the Art Regeneration Unit) at Arcadia Missa, Lon- don; and ko-ax Photo, Mascalls Gallery, Kent (selected by Tate curator of photography Simon Baker). His currently research focusses on contem- porary Militant Art and Art Activism. (