Over Krisis


Krisis is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal for contemporary philosophy.

Krisis is a platform for original articles, essays and book reviews with regards to social, cultural and political thought. Krisis is particularly interested in contributions that employ philosophy in understanding current societal, cultural and political developments. Over the last 35 years, Krisis has always published original contributions in political and social philosophy, cultural theory, philosophies of media, science and technology, and empirical philosophy, which was partly created in the Netherlands. Krisis has, from its early beginnings, played an important part in introducing new, upcoming thinkers in the Netherlands. Theorists such as Etienne Balibar, Seyla Benhabib, Jodi Dean, Sally Haslanger, Axel Honneth and Bruno Latour published with Krisis.

On the basis of its open-access platform Krisis offers a space for philosophers working in the Netherlands but also for a widening, international public. Krisis publishes in Dutch and in English. Krisis want to enable serious, theoretical reflection in view of increasing academic internationalisation. This reflection does not detach itself from societal and political contexts.

Apart from being a peer-reviewed journal that maintains high academic standards, Krisis is a forum current and critical engagement with public issues. Meaning: Krisis stands in a European philosophical tradition that takes its public task seriously. It won’t forget her naïve ambition to create clarity in public debate. Krisis will therefore uphold an active role in a range of public debates, in the Netherlands and elsewhere.