Wie zijn wij? Een interview met Seyla Benhabib
Van Situating the self naar The claims of culture. Multiculturalisme en feminisme

Marieke Borren & Esther Wit


Marieke Borren

Marieke Borren teaches philosophical anthropology, political philosophy, legal philosophy, philosophy of culture, and gender studies at the Univer- sities of Nijmegen, Groningen and Amsterdam. Her expertise lies in the areas of political philosophy, feminist theory, and philosophical anthro- pology. Her research focuses on political phenomenology, a perspective she developed in her dissertation, Amor Mundi. Hannah Arendt's Political Phenomenology of World (University of Amsterdam, 2010). She applied political phenomenology to contemporary cases, such as debates on na- tional identity, irregular migrants, social movements and identity politics. Her present research further develops political phenomenology, by inves- tigating the fundamental conditions of civic engagement and disengage- ment.

Esther Wit

Esther Wit studeerde humanistiek aan de Universiteit voor Humanistiek in Utrecht, studeert momenteel cultural analysis aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, en werkt ais inhoudelijk medewerker bij het Humanistisch Verbond in Amsterdam. E.Wit@uvh.nl